How To Choose A Jimmy Kimmel Chandelier

My favorite ceiling fixture is the chandelier Jimmy Kilmister. He is my favorite because he is so different than any other chandelier on the market today. You see, most of the traditional chandeliers that you see have a floral design that goes on for years. This one is totally different. For one thing, it has just a single light bulb that glows white at the center. It has a vine that is wrapped around the light bulb and down the side of the chandelier.

The light from this single light bulb is extremely bright and sets the mood for all of the decor in the room. The single light bulb also gives off very little heat, which makes for a very efficient chandelier. Jimmy Kilmister started building these lights over thirty years ago. He designed them with lots of skill and craftsmanship. These chandeliers are some of the most unique lights available in the lighting industry today.

So how did this great chandelier get its name? The name is fitting to a who is also from Omaha, Nebraska. Jimmie Kilmister was actually an auto mechanic. He had built his own lighting fixture but because of cost and space issues it wasn’t used very much. He was also building homes for the elderly, so he really didn’t have a lot of room to work with.

He had finally gotten tired of them so one day he sat down and put his head together and came up with the idea for his chandelier. After designing it, he went back to his shop and built the first one. Since then there have been only a handful of chandeliers that he has designed.

He truly set a new standard for chandeliers. Because of him, there are now over three hundred and fifty different designs. Any one who has seen one of his creations knows just how great they look and how clean they are as well.

He truly did create the modern lighting fixture that we are all enjoying today. Jimmie Kilmister truly is a lighting icon. Anyone who has one of his designs should feel the same way. He truly did create a design that will last for years to come. He truly understands the art of lighting and design.

Even if you do not currently have a chandelier like the ones that Jimmie created, you should take a look. It may just inspire you to create your own. There are many different websites online that have pictures of his designs. It can be a beautiful compliment to your home.

Whatever type of chandelier that you choose, one thing is for certain. You will be pleased by your purchase and will likely wonder how you lived without it before. Jimmie has truly come to be regarded as one of the greats in chandelier design. Check out what he has to offer at his website.