Chandelier Lyrics

Have you ever thought about how the music for your favorite film or television show was written? If the answer is yes, then you have taken part in a fascinating bit of the history of chandelier lyrics. Music is a creative form that has been used to tell stories and to create imagery. Some of the most beloved songs by artists like James Morrison, Percy Sledge, Muddy Waters, Aretha Franklin, and many others are sung from the heart and at the heart-breaking moments. Some people may not be so sure about this. After all, isn’t the entire point of having a song that tells a story considered too much of a stretch for the average listener?

chandelier lyrics

On the other hand, many listeners probably would not be so keen on music being placed above their heads rather than enjoying the visual beauty that is placed there. Consider this. Music is meant to be heard and enjoyed, not merely planned. Now, if someone wants to include music within a work of art, they can hardly claim that it was done haphazardly and without any thought or purpose.

Take, for example, the hit song by The Who called “Baba Ova” which translates into English as “Old Stone Oven.” This song takes us back to an era that seems so long ago in today’s world. The words to the original song are, “We are the children of the rock and roll era / We were kings, now we are the men of stone.”

In today’s world, many of us know that the Who are now part of Doctors often and not merely a popular group out of New Hampshire that made fun of everything from zombies to Christmas to cars. Yet, many people remember B.B. Wise from their “Wiseguy” television shows who sang about the dangers of nuclear weapons. B.B. certainly did not write those lyrics.

Chances are, you yourself may not be a fan of The Who. However, chances are also that you do not have a brick wall between you and any of your favorite music artists. If this is indeed the case, then the lyrics to “My Old School” may be right up your alley. This timeless song is about the student that sat on the bench and wondered why his life so turned out the way that it is. He wonders what could have been, but instead of looking for answers in his life, he just sits and wonder.

Many people who are drawn to the sound of a brass instrument and the shimmering lights that it radiates will fall under the chandelier lyrics band wagon. Regardless of what side of the fence you stand on, the song is sure to enthrall you and have you singing along while others appreciate the beauty of it. Happy belated birthday, and happy listening.