Capiz Chandelier

The outer shell of an aquatic mollusk or windowpane oyster endemic only in the shallow coastal seas of two Asian islands, a Capiz chandelier is imported from the Philippines and Indonesia. It is named as such since the raw materials used were originally harvested in a town in the island of Panay. The mentioned specie is not any manner endangered as it thrives much in the two countries. In fact, both governments are very much supportive of its reproduction.

A Capiz chandelier is entirely made by the skillful hands of the native artisans. The shells are first cleaned then sliced to a desired shape and size that utilizes a prototype that is the same to a pastry cutter. Afterwhich, it is painted and assembled through thin bands of brass that will enable for attachment by the process of soldering. The end products never fail to capture the eye because of its translucency that permits light to shine from end to end exhibiting the natural colors.

In San Francisco’s Bambudda Lounge, a Capiz chandelier can be spotted where there is a bamboo furniture as well as an outdoor gazebos and indoor clubs at the Phoenix Hotel. It was created out of six inches of genuine casings with a wooden disc. It started out as a request from one of the personnel from a company called Crate and Barrel. That period, they were looking for a fuller size cluster design. Subsequently, they showed it to them for approval and were very much surprised why it was cheaply sold. The reason behind such is that, it is made a region where the cost of living is not expensive.

Upon the passage of time, Capiz chandelier is not only manufactured in the eastern coast. Items that will consist of one can already be shipped to another nation so it can be finished there. Nowadays, some models are out of PVC pieces that are molded to look like the authentic however, they are not real. The most recognized is the tiered type where it has more than a single tier that can altogether come in white hue. It can also be colored with different shades in order to make the end good more attractive to consumers. For those themes that are tropical in nature, a fishing line is applied to connect. This is such a major hit for those who are beach fanatics.

Even just that sole decoration in any room, a Capiz chandelier will definitely be the focal point in the whole spot. When it is positioned in one corner, it can double up as a hanging ornamentation as well as when brilliant light is needed. When it is placed on the end of a long table, it can be very striking adding to the ambiance of the dining experience. It also appears very unique when it situated in the living area.